I Scream Nails - Melbourne Nail Art

I Scream Nails is all about putting fun and colour at (and on) your fingertips!

We are a nail art pop up salon operating predominantly in Melbourne but also throughout Australia. We specialise in events!

Keep a close eye on our website or follow us on Facebook or Instagramto find out where we will pop up next!!

We also have a permanent salon space at Suite 6, 60 Langridge Street, Collingwood.

Email, call or SMS for appointments:
0405 511 431


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    WEEK 3 of our @snowglobenails x @iscreamnails nail art tutorials CUPCAKES! There are some more sweet polishes up for grabs too. Try this tutorial, upload to Instagram, tag @iscreamnails & @snowglobenails & #iscream4snowglobe . International entries welcome and a winner will be chosen next Saturday evening EST. Have fun xo #nails #nailart #melbournenailart #nailartist #nailarttutorial


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