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I Scream Nails is all about putting fun and colour at (and on) your fingertips!

We are a nail art pop up salon operating predominantly in Melbourne but also throughout Australia. We specialise in events!

Keep a close eye on our website or follow us on Facebook or Instagramto find out where we will pop up next!!

We also have a permanent salon space at Suite 6, 60 Langridge Street, Collingwood.

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    Saturday 15 March 2014

    Wild Weekends!

    The last few weekends have been jam packed with fantastic events including a weekend pop up at Westfield Doncaster, DFO South Wharf, DFO Essendon and the Wanderlust (Yoga) Festival in St Kilda. We also had a fantastic event in the studio teaming up with the babes at Super Rad Nail Sisters to help launch US nail polish brand Diosa into Australia :) FUN NNNNNN!

    It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on our facebook and instagram to see what’s going down weekly and where you can catch us:)

    Check out the fun times had !

    I Scream Bike Launch - Saturday 22 February 2014

    So much to tell you!

    We launched the ‘I Scream Bike’ last month and if you weren’t there you missed an absolute cracker of a day! Ice Cream Truck, games, How Two Live and nails! It was absolutely amazing.

    Some of the I Scream Nails babes worked on a temporary art wall in the carpark of the studio where the I Scream Bike launch was held and it looked awesome. Check out some of the fun for yourself below!

    Monday 17 February 2014


    Over the last 6 months we have been working so hard to come up with an original and exciting idea that has never been done before (that we know of). Melbourne artist What the Hello has designed and built the first ever mobile nail art bike. We can’t wait for you all to see it. This Saturday in the carpark of our studio (60 Langridge St, Collingwood). Come by, get your nails done FREE and grab an ice cream from the sweet ice cream truck we will have here on the day. Hosted by our BFF’s How Two Live, it’s going to be a fab day :)


    The last few weeks have been more than busy.. if you haven’t noticed. In that time we’ve done about 15 events ranging from another Timeout Melbourne Night market to an awesome Nike Women’s event we did for the opening of their new store in Camberwell. In between all that we joined our favorite babe Tully in Sydney for a girls day party and have been busy with hens days, birthday parties and Bat Mitzvahs here in Melbourne.  Check out some of the fun we’ve been having:

    Gemma being a babe at the Nike event.

    Tully’s party

    Tuesday 28 January 2014

    When Timeout Melbourne asked us to join them at the famous Queen Vic Melbourne Night Markets we were too excited for words. We decided to hold our ‘tight arse Wednesday’ there. It was a big hit, with a 10 deep line happening all night long. 

    We got through around 35 babes in 5 hours! Phew… of course we had a sneaky cocktail on the side to help us get through all those nails!! Check out some of the fun!!

    Thursday 16 January 2014

    We’ve totally been embracing our inner Bogan this week with some ‘Straya Day’ nails!! Australia Day is on the 26 January so we’ve been working hard on some new designs inspired by everything Australian! Check out some of the designs you can choose from along with a bunch more we are working on (coming soon…).

    I must say that my favorite was Luna Park! Love that place!!

    Saturday 11 January 2014

    Nothing like a booked out week to throw you back into the swing of things! HA! We’ve has such a fun week in the studio this week and we’ve done some pretty sweet nails. Of course we love a challenge and there has been plenty of those this week… check them out below.

    Monday 6 January 2014

    2014 is well and truly here peeps!

    Christmas got a little crazy and it was awesome. Snowmen, Santa’s, Reindeer’s, Christmas Tree’s and the list goes on! Soooooo many Chrissy nails :)

    This year we have some awesome surprises for you and we can’t wait to share them all with you! But for now they are top secret of course… stay tuned!

    Celia xo

    Saturday 21 December 2013

    With Christmas literally days away, it’s been pretty crazy at I Scream Nails. We’ve been booked out all week and we have a waiting list until Chrissy. This has highlighted the fact that we need to add a couple more working tables to our studio in the new year to fit you all in  :) We can’t have bare nails walking around this cool city!

    I Scream Nails Christmas Party - December 2013

    This year has been a massive year for us so we decided to spoil ourselves silly with dinner at Mamasita (YUM!!) and a party at KBOX.  Sh!t got wild! Hahaha lots of fun was had and we were back at the studio the next day painting nails! Fun night. 

    Lady Petrova — Christmas Pink Party

    Lady Petrova has been such a beautiful supporter of I Scream Nails since there was just one of us :) We love her! When she asked to have her VIP Christmas Party at I Scream Nails we were stoked! It was a pink theme so we painted cute pink nails, had pink biscuits and pink champagne ! MWAH xo

    I Scream Nails - Christmas Tightarse Wednesday

    It was our last tightarse Wednesday for the year and it was AWESOME. Christmas themed! We had Christmas lolly bags and the Mariah Carey Christmas album was pumping. It was an awesome night… everyone loved it xo

    Friday 6 December 2013

    We never imagined we’d be doing back to back appointments during the week at I Scream Nails but it seems to be the norm these days!  Now that we have so many amazing nail artists working here, occasionally I am lucky enough to get my nails done too… Zinya did this awesome set on me.

    As well as a busy studio life, we have also been crazy flat out with studio parties and private events. With over 15 events scheduled from now until Christmas we will be well and truly ready for a drink by the time Christmas is here.

    Jazz Bell held a party at our studio last weekend for 12 of her closest babe friends. There was food, champers, nails and more champers :) So much fun!

    Another one our favorite Melbourne ladies popped in to visit this week for some pastel nail love. We looooove Lady Petrova :) These nails re soooooooo Lady Petrova!

    Saturday 30 November 2013

    Epic week this week at I Scream Nails as we gear up for a crazy month of Christmas parties / hens days and general craziness ! 

    We finally got our ar@es into gear and got some proper cute vouchers. Awesome for Christmas / birthday presents… how cute are they?!

    Incase you haven’t noticed, we kind of like being silly - we got into the Christmas spirit this week!

    If you are thinking of booking an appointment over December be sure to secure your appointment asap so as not to miss out! xo

    Love Celia xx

    Sunday 24 November 2013

    Lots has been happening in our crazy colourful nail art filled world - it’s been a great month.  OMG we have done 14 events argh!! 

    We’ve been in our studio for 2 whole months now and we can’t believe how many people we have already had through the doors. We are gearing up for a pretty crazy December and during our little summer break we will be working on some exciting projects for 2014.

    A highlight for us this month has been hosting TIGHT ARSE WEDNESDAY! We wanted to offer a selection of our nail art at student prices so we introduced an evening packed with sweet nails, music, gossip, fun, lolly bags, creamy soda and pop corn.  After announcing it we were booked out within 2 hours (24 spots over a 4 hour period)!!! Check out how much fun we had… and, keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram as we will be having a TIGHTARSE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL in the next month :)

    Wednesday 6 November 2013


    The last week has absolute madness and of course we’ve loved every minute of it.  The week began raising awareness for an amazing cause… Nailember. A bunch of Melbourne nail artists got together to raise $$ which go towards funding a pamper pack program for disadvantaged women. The event was held at Madame Brussels and we painted the nails of Miss Pearl herself :

    Derby Day / Halloween Parties / Finale Parties / Going away parties - if there was a party happening around town we probably did nails for it!

    Friday was spent doing the nails of as many hotties as possible. Lots of parties happening around Melbourne and interstate. Lots of visitors popping into the salon as well including the How Two Live girls for some Derby Day nails and Jazz from Big Brother popped in to get some nails for the Big Brother Finale happening tonight!!

    Check out some of the awesome nails we did:

    Tuesday 29 October 2013

    We have had an awesome and busy few weeks with events, popping up here there and everywhere! From Westfield Knox pop up shops to 4 hens days, a surprise 16th birthday, some office parties and Myer Miss Shop Masterclasses. Crazy days and getting crazier, gearing up for the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival wooohoooo. 

    The salon is pumping also, with the last 2 weekends being BOOKED OUT! Check out some of the amazing nail art that has been coming from I Scream Nails xo

    Ken Done inspired nails


    We decided on having a night filled with half price nails, pop corn, mars bars and 90’s tunes! It was booked out within 2 hours of announcing it and it was such a fun, awesome night! YAY lots of fun had! Check out some pics x

    Friday 18 October 2013

    Now we have a home, it means we have tones of visitors. Over the last few weeks we have had a few of the finest ladies pop in and say hi, stay for a chat and a laugh and then head off again. We love it.

    We especially love when our fellow nail artists come check out our pad and show their support. Incase you didn’t know it, there are a whole lot of other babes out there painting nails and making people happy :) Check them out!!






    Sunday 13 October 2013

    Having our own salon is total bliss. Not only do we get to spend extra time doing nails but we also get to hang out with some pretty awesome peeps! This week we had 2 very special ladies pop in to get some I Scream Nails… Jazz and Tully from Big Brother 2013. We are total big brother junkies so we loved catching up on all the goss from the house. Of course, our lips are sealed…. what happens in the salon, stays in the salon!

    HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE! - Sunday 6 October 2013

    Since launching our new Head Quarters 2 weeks ago it’s been a crazy whirlwind of being here there and everywhere! 

    Collaborating with the babes at Sportsgirl, we completed 25 workshops across 4 stores in Melbourne and Sydney - all this over 2 weekends! Sportsgirl are bringing out an awesome nail art pen this November and we were the lucky ones that got to use it first, and also show the hundreds of girls that attended the workshop how to use it too!  Safe to say it was a blast! If you spot lots of leopard nails around town there is a good chance it was the result of one of these workshops! YAY! So much fun.


    You can’t move into a new studio without a party to celebrate it…. so of course we popped the champers, brought out the platters of antipasto (can you tell we are half Italian?) and danced until we remembered we needed to work the next day.

    New Home!!!!!!!!

    OMG so you probably heard that we’ve got ourselves a home :) And, we couldn’t be happier (Suite 6, 60 Langridge St, Collingwood). After lots of thinking, planning, looking, more thinking, more looking we finally found the perfect studio space with a difference. We decided to team up with O.T.T by Lia T and share a creative space, and also develop a jewellery design showroom inside the space.

    We called on our long term friend and favorite Melbourne artist, what_the_hello (whatthehello.net) to help us with the design and fitout. He did the BEST JOB EVER!!!

    Check out some of our progress shots and further down the finished product!

    The Hungry Workshop

    Friday & Saturday 13th & 14th September 2013

    We looooove The Hungry Workshop, infact when we first started our nail art pop up shop we wanted so badly to hold our first pop up shop there. We knew we would eventually get there… and we did.

    This was definitely one of the most awesome and fun pop up shops to date! We decided to design a bunch of nails based on some of our favorite local artists. What_the_hello, Alice Oehr, Belinda Suzette, Andrea Innocent, Shuh Lee and of course the Hungry Workshop. WOW now that’s a list of cool artists for you.   Some of the artists works were also exhibited over the pop up shop weekend and we had a little party on Friday night to kick it all off.

    You can’t ask for more than a booked out weekend at the coolest place in town. We hope we get back there soon :)

    Check out the fun we had below.

    All the awesome artist inspired nail art designs.

    Works by What_the_hello

    Works by Belinda Suzette

    Works and face covering by Shuh Lee!

    Works by Andra Innocent

    Sunday 8 September 2013

    The most exciting news of the week is that we turned 1 year old! WOW! I’ve gone from working a full time office job to running my own small business full time :) It’s been an awesome year and I and we at I Scream Nails have met so many amazing, cool and fun people. We love all our I Scream Nails friends and can’t wait for the excitement that the next year is going to bring!


    It’s the biggest day in the lead up to the Spring Racing Carnival and we were lucky enough to get a spot in the amazing Paris Lane precinct. Amongst the food, champers and milliners was I Scream Nails. We painted 60 sets of nail in 5 hours! This meant we had no time to bet on our fav horses :( It will have to wait until Melbourne Cup Carnival! We even did these special Sofitel Girls Day Out nails…..

    LUPA GARAGE SALE PREVIEW NIGHT - Friday 6 September 2013

    If you didn’t already know, we HEART Lupa Clothing :) We also love that they have opened a second store in Fitzroy and we especially love when they invite us in to paint nails. Another crazy night buying clothes / painting nails / shopping / trying stuff on / painting more nails… loved it :) Kath and Liam painted up a storm as per usual xHow cute do they look ?


    Sportsgirl were lovely enough to invite us to Sydney to show off our nail art skills at the Vogue Fashion Night Out. It was awesome using all the bright Sportsgirl colours along with their new striper brushes and nail art pens :) Lots of cute nails were created during the 4 hour event. NON STOP NAILS! Followed by a well deserved Mojito or 2….

    Pardon my French…

    RENAULT AUSTRALIA - CLIO LAUNCH NIGHT - Wednesday 4 September 2013 

    Renault Australia has released the adorable and seriously stylish Clio. To celebrate this they invited a heap of Melbourne’s most loved bloggers for a night of chauffeur driven fun :) We set up shop at The Blackman Hotel’s executive suite to paint the girls nails in the Clio colours before they were chauffeur driven to a fashion show. Nice!

    Giselle soaking up the lovely view before we got down to painting nails!

    Phoebe from Lady Melbourne enjoying some nail time x



    If you thought we couldn’t fit all the above into 4 days you were wrong! OMG out of control and absolutely loving it.  Our week started off in Sydney with the amazing Sportsgirl crew. We LOVE Sportsgirl for so many reasons. After doing some nails for their new summer catalogue we filmed a few cute nail art tutorials and headed home… here is some behind the scenes action.



    We are remaining a little tight lipped about preparations for the most exciting I Scream Nails news ever! I’m sure those that know us can guess but here is a taste of things to come.. hint it involves something more permanent working with 2 of the most amazing people in Melbourne at the moment … OTT by Lia T & What_the_hello.


    With only 1 week remaining at Myer Bourke Street we knew this weekend would be crazy! Hands down the most popular design this weekend was cats! CATS CATS CATS CATS… Soooo many self proclaimed cat ladies in to get their nails did! Check them out:

    Until next week … keep painting xoxo

    MYER BOURKE STREET MELBOURNE - WEEK 3! 16th, 17th & 18th August 2013

    With only a few weeks left painting nails at Myer Bourke St, it seems everyone is booking in to get their nails did so they don’t miss out. This weekend we met lots of people here from Brizzy, getting their nails did for the Pink concert :) It made us think that maybe we need to get our a*ses to Brisbane for an I Scream Nails pop up shop… you just never know!

    Here are some of our favs from the weekend.

    MYER BOURKE STREET MELBOURNE - WEEK 2! 9th, 10th & 11th August 2013

    WOW! Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all booked out ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! We love it though :)  So much fun had and so many nails did (as per usual). It’s chevron city at I Scream Nails at the moment.. our hottie customers can’t get enough! YAY! Check out some of these chevron sets. The girls were definitely on fire this weekend!

    See you this weekend for some more nails and fun xo


    We were lucky enough to be invited back to Myer Bourke Street Melbourne for some fun times and a month long nail art pop up salon residency on the ground floor. Excited much?!!! YAY! The last time we were at Myer it was a boiling hot 38 degrees and we were painting nails in the Bourke St windows…

    It was definitely crazier than we had imagined with both Friday and Saturday booked out.  We had an ‘anything goes’ attitude this time around and some awesome and crazy nails were painted (as per usual). Check out this set of ‘social media’ nails done for comedian Jordana Borenszian by I Scream Nails hottie Gemma.

    Saturday 3 August 2013 was the first ever INTERNATIONAL NAIL ART DAY! Celebrating everything nail art, we got behind it by giving away some yummy Suga lollipops to the first 20 people to get their nails done… as well as some for us too. Sugar high all day long.


    Sunday found us at the Round She Goes Market in Coburg. We were amongst all the crazy bargains and were kept busy painting nails and shopping in between where we could :)

    Weekend is over and now preparing for a week of preparation for an exciting photoshoot on Friday and another week at our Myer residency.   Keep your ear close to the ground, we have something awesome to share with you all soon xo

    Happy nails!

    Celia xo

    GRACE BOUTIQUE POP UP SALON - 26th, 27th & 28th July 2013

    We were thrilled to be back at Grace Boutique on the weekend! Armed with some new designs and some special polishes we settled in for a booked out weekend. Thanks to everyone who came down and apologies to those that missed out… we will be back though, we promise xo

    Jess & Stef from How Two Live popped in to get some nails for Jess’s 21st :)


    When the opportunity arose to pop up at the Gertrude Street Projection Festival opening night - we were ecstatic. I’ve been a fan of the festival for years. I love wandering up and down Gertrude St looking at all the buildings being transformed into a spectacular light projection show each night.

    I Scream Nails popped up at the opening party offering fancy fingertips for free. Of course we booked out in about half an hour but lots of lucky boys and girls left with some pretty special nails.

    The festival is on from Friday 19 July until Sunday 28 July - check it out DON’T MISS IT - absolutely amazing!

    WATERGARDENS - 4 Day Nail Art Extravaganza! Thursday 18, Friday 19, Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 July 2013

    We knew we had a busy 4 days ahead of us when it was time to head over to Watergardens. They hired us to paint nails non stop for 4 days. Woooooooohoooooo. We love a challenge. They decked out a space for us to call home for 4 days and it was so cute. Check it out:

    It got wild and crazy… just the way we like it!  We painted 100 peoples nails, met some absolute gems and had a ball. Giselle got a little googlieeee eyed too. It was fun fun fun!  Hope to see Watergardens real soon xox



    25th June 2013

    Whilst planning the I Scream Nails ‘Nailcation’ there was one nail artist I knew I HAD TO visit. Lili Nguyen … also know as This is Venice. Lili’s style is detailed, miniature pictures of anything from unicorns to junk food! When I told Lili I was planning to visit she organised a salon nail party with me as her guest nail artist.

    Lili’s salon is in a beautiful old building within the super chic Beaubourg Louvre district in Paris. It’s decked out with cool artwork on the walls, candy coloured everything, and a soundtrack that kept us breaking into dance all day long. The morning was spent getting to know each other, chatting about everything Paris, Melbourne, nail art, fashion, what’s hot, what’s not and everything in between. Lili interviewed me about I Scream Nails for the This is Venice Youtube channel. We also filmed a nail art tutorial of one of the I Scream Nails signature designs. It was awesome. After a break for lunch and more gossiping our nail art party began. I was booked out from 1pm until 8pm. What a day! Everyone left with This is Venice x I Scream Nails goodie bags. I left with a new Parisian friend and a 2 page list of all the amazing things to do in Paris. Best day ever!


    21st June 2013

    I wasn’t planning on painting nails in Berlin, I was too focused on immersing my self in its awesomeness! I walked into a cute little fashion store in Mitte and to cut a long story short I met a girl named Natalia, she liked my nails, we got talking, she told me her friend had an adorable little shop close by and the rest is history! An I Scream Nails pop up salon was born, filled with lots of laughs, new friends, Berlin Vodka, German Beer, more Berlin Vodka and a hell of a lot of nails.


    5th & 6th June 2013

    Shoreditch is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in London. Comprising of Brick Lane’s curry mile with its street art, car boot sale art markets, galleries, food markets and super hip barber shops. Amongst all the coolness is a new(ish) addition to the area… Boxpark! Boxpark is a 5 year pop up retail space made up of roughly 50 shipping containers, cool restaurants and Caribbean bars (picture half naked, 6ft tall Jamican woman serving drinks). Amongst the retail spaces are, of course, all the cool kids such as Nike, Vans and WAH Nails.

    I was lucky enough to get to spend 2 days with the girls at WAH Nails and I knew instantly why they have been so successful on the nail art scene. Professional, cool, fun and super talented. These girls know how to create any nail art design you want. I spent my first day with Charlotte Roberts, an absolutely adorable and down to earth London girl who has been at WAH since day one and is also one of the co-creators of Mushpit, an awesome mag about fashion and boy crushes (could she be any cooler?!!). I couldn’t believe that a Tuesday would be so crazy busy; we had double bookings all day long. On offer during the 2 days were some of the I Scream Nails original nail art designs and I could barely contain my excitement when several of WAH’s customers chose the I Scream Nails designs!

    The second day at WAH I got to hang with Ellie Harry who is an amazing nail artist and specialises in custom nail art designs. Ellie has a background in graphic design and has played a major role in putting together the second WAH Nails book (out in July). We had an awesome day together with lots of laughs and nails did. The highlight for me was watching Ellie paint a customers nails with an I Scream Nails design! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Before I left for the day Ellie made sure she gave me my very own set of WAH Nails …. it was exciting having my nails done by one of the WAH Nails girls!

    I’m off to revisit WAH tomorrow for another set of fabulous nails before we head off on the rest of our ‘Nailcation’!

    MONDAY 27 MAY 2013


    To say we were looking forward to popping up at Sportsgirl would be an understatement. We were beside ourselves. I personally friggin love sportsgirl… not to mention they have some awesome affordable nail polish colours and some nail art pens as well, which, if you are into nail art you would know they aren’t easy to come by in shops around Australia.

    We worked on some designs using the Sportsgirl nail polishes & pens and came up with these:

    We were run off our feet on Friday at Chadstone and Saturday at Bourke St was cray cray - we even had a crowd around us at certain points during the day. We loved it!

    Next Friday 31 May we will be at Sportsgirl Highpoint all day and next Saturday we will be at Sportsgirl Doncaster all day so if you’re going to be around come visit us.

    Check out our set up and a few of our favorite pics from the weekend:

    Sportsgirl Chadstone

    Sportsgirl Bourke Street Melbourne


    If you haven’t check out the Obus QV store you definitely should! Their QV store is Obus’s first ever pop up store so get down there before it pops down!

    We took our salon their on Friday and Saturday and loved it. The I Scream Nails girls were painting up a storm and there was lots of nail love for everyone. Check out some of the pics below….

    SATURDAY 18 MAY 2013

    So when Melina from Letters from Letty contacted us and asked us to do a private party for her, I did my research (stalked) on her.  Man was I pleasantly surprised. Letters from Letty is such a cool business. Surprise gifts sent to you monthly featuring up and coming designers… how friggin cute, not to mention an amazing present idea.

    I rocked up to Melina’s place with a heap of cupcakes from Little Cupcakes… it was our first nails x cupcake party and it was a success… check out the pics xo Oh and how cute is Melina? She even made me a lolly bag with my name on it!! Seriously adorable.

    FRIDAY 17 MAY 2013


    Kriss Poison is the hottest goth chick ever! Not only is she hot but she is also a lovely down to earth girl from the northern suburbs… my type of girl :)  We met Kriss when we were doing the Myer windows gig… she happened to be walking past one Friday night and decided to check out what the hell we were doing. We are so glad she did because she totally rocks.

    Kriss is an amazing hairdresser … the quality colour choices she has in her salon are to die for. I can’t wait to go back and get Kriss to turn my hair fire engine red! YES!

    Kriss invited us to her salon ‘Powder Puff Vamp’ in North Carlton to pop up at a special party she was throwing for all her favorite clients.  Was so cool to hang out and meet all her awesome clients and of course paint a tone of nails xoxo

    THURSDAY 16 MAY 2013


    Lupa Clothing is run by one of the coolest women in town… Davina Adamson. Davina opened Lupa Northcote 12 years ago supporting Melbourne made designers. Now she has expanded and opened Lupa Fitzroy (77 Smith St, Fitzroy). The gold Lupa signage is so hot right now and the interior is cool and classy… just like Davina!

    When Davina asked us to paint nails on opening night we were so excited. Sitting there, painting nails and listening to the Beastie Boys I realised how much I friggin love my job! Well done Davina and everyone involved in the launch! Had a ball and here are some pics xo

    WEDNESDAY 15 MAY 2013


    The weekend was the first in a series of pop up salons being held at Obus Clothing. Obus are an amazing Melbourne designed and made fashion label with stores in Northcote, Fitzroy, QV and Armadale. When Obus asked us to run our pop up salon from their four stores we were beyond excited!! We got working on a few ‘Obus Inspired’ nails and using their environmentally friendly nail paints we came up with a few designs that worked perfectly in their store.  What do you think??

    Whilst we were at Obus we had a few very special visitors. One person we were excited to meet was Emily Green. We fell in love with her cute and colourful style way back when (you know who she is … that chick that does those adorable colourful necklaces pictured below) and we loved painting her some zig zag nails….


    Our next Obus pop up salon is this weekend… Friday 17 May & Saturday 18 May at Obus Fitzroy in Gertrude St. Be sure to get yourself some Obus inspired nails … and PS if you get your nails did, you get 10% off Obus purchases store wide xoxox

    Until then xo

    MONDAY 6 MAY 2013

    Incase you missed it, in April I Scream Nails teamed up with the How Two Live girls for what we like to call “Nailpril”! In the course of a week we painted Jess and Stef’s nails every day. It was awesome, we got to know the girls and tried our hand at putting some cute, crazy and colourful designs on their fingernails :) Here is a taste:

    Anyhoo, we ran a competition on Instagram asking all you die hard nail art fans to upload pics of your own nail art onto instagram and tag #nailpril. The winner had their nail art featured on the How Two Live blog (www.howtwolive.com) and won a nail art party for them and 3 friends. We had an overwhelming response and it was so so so so hard to choose a winner but in the end we couldn’t go past these Sesame Street themed nails done by Jade…. amaze!

    We were so excited to get over to Jade’s for her nail art party for 4 that ended up being a nail art party for 8… and, it was Jade’s birthday so it was awesome all around! YAY! Here are some of the nails that Jade and her friends had done on the day.

    So much colour!

    Lots more going on this weekend with our Obus Clothing Pop Up Salons starting… YAY! So dam excited to get our hands on the Obus Nail Paints…. eeeeeeee! Oh, and we have heaps of new designs to show you all!

    See you on the weekend!

    Love Celia xo

    MONDAY 22 APRIL 2013

    DAKOTA 501

    The weekend saw us hanging out with the crew at Dakota 501 in Chapel St. Talk about a massive store… huge and packed with awesome clothes, shoes, bags, jewellery and the list goes on. One lucky Instagram follower won the Dakota 501 competition and scored herself some free I Scream Nails and a Karen Walker ring…. YAY!! Hoping they will have us back sometime soon… fingers crossed! We did a total of approx 30 nails in 2 days! Phew… sleep time for us x

    MONDAY 15 APRIL 2013


    Crazy busy at I Scream Nails but we wouldn’t have it any other way! Wednesday we did a fantastic event for BYS Cosmetics. They invited all of their favorite bloggers to Madame Brussels for some drinks and to try out some of their latest cosmetics range. This included Caviar and Glitter nails… that’s where we come in. Had a ball getting to know everyone and giving them some sweet nails… a tip for the caviar nails, give them a spray of hair spray when they are finished, this will give them a longer life :)


    If we could be at the People’s Market every weekend forever then we would! Awesome place, yummy food, good drinks, people were awesome and tones of nails… what more could we ask for. When TIMEOUT MELBOURNE asked us along to the People Market we were absolutely stoked!! We got to deck out our shipping container however the hell we wanted, so of course we decided on ice creams made from cardboard and baloons. We also found some very sweet glasses close by which we had to paint nail art on!

    MONDAY 8 APRIL 2013

    WOW! Our weekend was beyond crazy and we loved every minute of it. We did our very first pop up salon at Grace Boutique in Malvern Rd, Toorak. Firstly the girls at Grace are total babes! It was amazing and man we were so busy that we were all booked out!  We saw some amazing ladies pop their heads in to visit us, and we pimped their nails - oh did we ever!! Check out some of our favorites from the weekend!


    It”s no secret that we totally dig Miss Shop Cosmetics. What’s not to love about them, their colours are amazing and perfecto for nail art :) We are doing a few special pop ups for Myer Miss Shop over the next few weeks, and to kick it off we popped up at Myer Highpoint - so much colour and fun xo

    MONDAY 1 APRIL 2013

    It’s Nailpril!! And, what does that mean? It means that I Scream Nails and the girls at How Two Live have teamed up for a weeks worth of matching nails and outfits!!! The girls will be posting their matching nails and outfits to Instagram and on their blog everyday. We want everyone to take part too.

    Upload your own nail art to Instagram and include #nailpril @iscreamnails @howtwolive and you will go in the running to win an I Scream Nails Nail Art Party for you and 3 friends!!!! OMG OMG OMG amazing! Competition ends on Saturday 6 April @ 5pm and the winner will be announced on Sunday 7 April.  Melbourne entries only.

    MONDAY 25 MARCH 2013

    Lupa Garage Sale Preview Night

    If you haven’t noticed, I Scream Nails loves Lupa Clothing …. lots and lots and lots! The chicks that run the show at Lupa are amazing and the clothing in that place is divine. Everytime we pop up there the I Scream Nails girls always leave with many additions to our wardrobes.

    Every now and then they decide to clean out and make way for the new seasons clothing…. this calls for a massive garage sale. Davina at Lupa decided she was going to shout all her lovely customers some I Scream Nails at the garage sale preview night, and, as per usual we were run off our feet and finished the night covered in nail polish!

    Some happy snaps :)

    MONDAY 18 MARCH 2013

    It’s a wrap! WOW what a sweet 3 weeks working out of the Myer Bourke Street Melbourne windows.  We lost count of all the nails and fantastic people we met. We all had an absolute blast! Favorite part of the 3 weeks was witnessing a really drunk guy do a bum press against the window whilst we were in it painting nails.. rrrrrrright!

    Anyway, lots more exciting adventures coming up in the next few months for the I Scream Nails girls so stay tuned xo


    We were so excited to be involved in the launch of the new website for How Two Live last night. It was a jam packed event at Little Cupcakes in Degraves St with plenty of cider, champagne and cupcakes. We did lots of nails and everyone had a ball. Looking forward to catching up with the How Two Live girls again really soon for an exciting collaboration xo

    MONDAY 4 MARCH 2013

    Phew! What a week!! It’s been so crazy amazing. Thursday, Friday,  Saturday and Sunday we were in the Myer Bourke Street Windows…. what more is there to say. It feels like Christmas but it’s not.  The lovely folks at Miss Shop Myer are giving you the Bourke St windows for 20 minutes to get your nail art on!! All you have to do is spend $20 on Miss Shop Cosmetics…… pretty sweet deal we think! And, the good news is that Miss Shop nail polish is awesome, the colours and the quality, all for under $8 a bottle! We only have 2 weekends left so make sure you don’t miss out on the fun :)


    Last week we were a part of Confetti, Cake and Bubbles which was hosted by 2nd Avenue Events, showcasing all that is awesome, cool and different in the way of organising events surrounding weddings, hens days and milestone birthdays. We had a ball chatting to all the lovely people that came through. It was held in a private room upstairs at the Espy and I must say, that pub has not lost it - still as awesome as ever.

    Here are some picks from the night!

    This week we are busy workshoping and preparing for our debut in the Myer Bourke Street windows… to say we are excited is an understatement. Hope to see you all there xo

    Celia getting ready to meet and chat to all the cool people looking for new event ideas

    Packed house

    Giselle being her beautiful self

    Giselle’s amazing shoes


    Crrrrrrrrrrrrazy few weeks! Last weekend saw us pop up at Lady Petrova on Friday, Alice McCall on Saturday and the Humungo Garage Sale on Sunday wooooooooo! Exhausting but awesome.

    Alice McCall Chapel St asked us to try our hand at designing some special nails to celebrate the arrival of ‘drop’ one of their new Autumn / Winter Collection, The Imaginarium of Kitty Leroy… the collection was divine and our new nail designs were a hit!

    The Humungo Garage Sale was that… HUMUNGO! not to mention awesome fun. Only the coolest of hip chicks were there setting up stalls…. all led by Kathry Baulch (House of Baulch). It may have been 35 degrees but people were still out enjoying the sunshine, doing a spot of shopping and lapping up the free nail art that was on offer from I Scream Nails. Lia T had her water bottle at hand, spraying us at every opportunity she had…. bless!  We even had the cutest puppy stop and visit us… and, even man the stand for a bit!


    Yesterday we had a booked out day at Lady Petrova from 12pm until 7pm - non stop nails nails nails! Lots of beauties came in with naked nails and left happier ladies. If you haven’t been to Lady Petrova you should, its such a beautiful store. Below is a picture of a mural on their wall which was created by Melbourne based illustrator Jessica Singh (check her out www.jessicasingh.com).

    Lady Petrova released her winter collection last night which is stunning. We designed a couple of matching nails too!

    All and all we are loving it at Lady Petrova and we don’t want February to end xo Hopefully we see you all in the next few weeks there!

    Jessica Singh mural at Lady Petrova

    New Lady Petrova nails!


    WOW! What a week! Its been awesome and busy, which is what we like. Had a hens day last weekend and we did 30 girls nails in 5 hours! ahhhhh awesome. It was a surprise for the hen, Laura so it was just lovely to see how excited and happy she was.. we love happy people!

    During the week I met the amazing Emily of Dabs and Myla - they had a solo Melbourne exhibition opening at The Metro Gallery in Melbourne on Friday 2 February so I did some rainbow nails for Emily. And, she was lovely enough to give me a sweet print which is displayed next to my computer in the I Scream Nails studio :) (check out the pic of it below).

    This week we also started our Lady Petrova pop up shop and will be popping up in store every Friday in February… of course we loooooooove Lady Petrova and Lady Courtney - if you haven’t visited their Flinders Lane store, you definitely should, it heaven xo

    FRIDAY 25 JANUARY 2013

    Yay! So excited that we got a mention in The Age, The (Melbourne) Magazine today :) Nail art has gone crazy in Melbourne and we love that!!


    We love our friends at Heroes and Villains in North Fitzroy. Jules is always so welcoming so we decided to plonk ourselves in her shop for the third time! It was so nice being back there. What I love most about doing the pop ups is the ace people you get to meet that you wouldn’t normally meet… the ideas people have about how they want a nail design to look, what colours people put together that I normally wouldn’t - its awesome. These were my favorite of the weekend… I thought they were pretty special!


    It’s been a little while since we’ve updated our blog but that’s only because 2012 was crazy and wild! Just the way we like it. We’ve been working so hard on coming up with some original designs for 2013 and I think we’ve done pretty well.

    2012 saw I Scream Nails popping up all over Melbourne at only the most awesome of places including Lupa (Northcote), Dear Gladys (Northcote), Heroes and Villains (North Fitzroy), Lady Petrova (CBD),  Alice McCall (Chapel St) and Gloss Cosmetics took us all the way to Sydney!

    Can’t wait to share with all of you some awesome and exciting stuff we have happening in 2013… but for now its a secret xox


    The weekend was ace… even though it was grand final day we still managed to paint around 14 nails before heading to the pub to get justifiably tipsy!

    My weekend favorite nails are pictured below! Painted by I Scream Nails girl Tracey! I especially love the little tiny lightning bolt from that cloud… awesome.

    See you all this Friday night for the Lupa Garage Sale preview night! Free champagne and nails! wooooooooooohoooooooo

    Celia xo


    Hey everyone,

    What an awesome weekend for I Scream Nails. We got to put the fun and colour that we love so much on about 35+ fingertips! That means that each and every one of those lucky ladies (still waiting for some male customers!) goes into the draw to win the ‘Fiday Night Nail Art Party for the winner and 3 friends! YAY!

    I’m a sucker for colour and cute designs so the photo below is my favorite at the moment….

    See you all next weekend for some GRAND FINAL DAY nails… (note that we are closing early on Saturday so we can all get to the pub to watch the game so book in! 9.00am - 1.00pm).

    Celia xo


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